Final Project Gear Up

So after two intense months of studying and coding (including a move into a new apartment and a couple of Air Force Reserve weekends for myself), we’re starting our final projects here at the Iron Yard. My project is a web app that bands can use to search for practice space and that appeals to the “I want to be a part of it” side of anyone who might have space to rent out. I call the latter “Space Masters” to add a playful element of power to role.  It also reminds me of a Saturday morning cartoon I watched as a kid where the bad guy was called the “Master Blaster”.



2015-02-04 15.00.59

Some “simple” code from our Backbone.js class which is a framework similar to Angular.js.




In a blatant attempt to geek out and get technical for a moment, we’ve been studying HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript during our time here. I’ll be using these languages in my final project within the Angular,js framework on top of a Sails.js back end. There’s  lot to set up in the command line for this whole scheme to work, so I’m spending this evening putting that together. I plan to have it set up at my portfolio when its all said and done. The end product will allow Space Masters to create an account that highlights their available space and then bands can search for those spaces based on whichever attributes I decide on.



Chicken scratched wireframe for  my final project.

Chicken scratched wireframe for my final project.



While it doesn’t look like much now, I expect that in two weeks I’ll have this baby up and running fully ready for demo day. Even with the Harrison Ford plane crash this last weekend, my head is pretty clear and ready to move ahead with all we’ve learned. Its time for our class to put our big kid diapers on and take a series of unassisted steps across this crazy rug called web development.



No words needed.

No words needed.